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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Please place the device in the rubbish bin or other suitable container.

Yes. This enables you to reach hard-to-access infusion sites, e.g. on your lower back.

In case the infusion set gets stuck in the insertion device, ensure the safety catch is in place; carefully push the tensioning element back into the base without pointing the insertion device toward any body part or somebody else. Make sure not to compress the base during application.

The Accu-Chek LinkAssist insertion device has been developed exclusively for the automatic insertion of Accu-Chek FlexLink infusion sets.

The Accu-Chek LinkAssist insertion device has been developed for all those who prefer automatic insertion of infusion sets.

The Accu-Chek LinkAssist has been designed to accommodate the wishes and needs of people with diabetes who prefer automatic insertion. People with dexterity issues or impaired vision may also favour a larger insertion device facilitating easy, quick and virtually painless insertion1.

The use of an automatic insertion device is a matter of personal preference. It is up to you if you prefer to insert the Accu-Chek FlexLink manually or with our new Accu-Chek LinkAssist insertion device.

No. The Accu-Chek LinkAssist insertion device is exclusively for use on one person. It must not be used on several people.

Health care professionals and Diabetes Nurse Educators are a valuable source of information and training for all people with diabetes, which you should take advantage of regularly. It is not necessary, however, to get professional instruction before using Accu-Chek LinkAssist for the first time. Just follow the instructions for use contained in the packaging.

No, this is not necessary. 

The elongated perforation mark on the self-adhesive backing directs you to the location of the tube connection.

Do not store the Accu-Chek LinkAssist device pre-tensioned. The tensioning element should be completely outside of the base. Avoid storing the insertion device in extreme temperatures, such as a hot car in the summer.

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