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Accu-Chek Connect: Communication Features

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General questions

Click here to view the list of compatible mobile devices.

The application is offered in eight languages: Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. The language of the application depends on the language the operating system uses. If the language of your Smart Phone device is not among the eight available for the app, English is used for the app.

Yes, you can personalise a number of items and screens. Please see the listed items on the Settings screen. In addition you can sort the order of the items in Settings>Change Data Order. Simply touch and drag on the + icon to the left of each item to move it to the desired position.

Create an Accu-Chek Connect Online personal account. You can access this by going to the app Settings screen>Essentials>Online Account. You will see Click HERE to Create an Online Account and follow the prompts. You can also create your personal Accu-Chek Connect Online account by visiting

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