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Overcoming diabetes related stigmas

Did you know that 1 in 18 Australians live with diabetes1? For these Australian’s, diabetes doesn’t quit. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for some time, diabetes can feel complex at times and for some, may have experienced diabetes related stigmas through their journey. 

Here’s a closer look at some ways that you can overcome diabetes related stigmas in your own diabetes management while also changing the way people around you view diabetes.

  • Talk to like-minded people. Join an online peer support community or a group education session. If you are registered with the NDSS, check out some of their support programs here.
  • Focus on your self-care. You can request that your medical team helps you come up with a management plan based on self-care behaviours.
  • Follow and unfollow on social media. Social media has so much content,  some is helpful and uplifting but some can be negative and focus on fad diets or ‘ideal’ bodies. Unfollow the unhelpful pages that can instigate feelings of shame and only follow the positive, empowering ones.
  • Help educate others. Many people believe in stigmas as they are uninformed. Share that all types of people of all shapes and sizes can develop diabetes.
  • Having a great support team around you is valuable. Whether a GP, a nurse, a diabetes educator, a dietitian, an endocrinologist or psychologist, healthcare professionals experienced with the mental burden of diabetes can bring may help identify new strategies to try. Be sure to have the right HCPs in your corner. After all, that problem shared might help lighten your load.

Reference: 1. NDSS Data Snapshot September 2020.

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